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I have worked with Michele throughout this past year in support of Amherst's reparations project. In zoom calls, on panels, and in meetings I have been impressed with her calm, intelligence and kindness: with her sincere interest in listening to every party and her ability to  propose solutions which acknowledge the concerns of all involved. Her communication skills shine through the extensive press coverage she has garnered to bring understanding and urgency to the goals of our reparations work. They can also be seen in her gentle, patient, yet powerful capacity to bring diverse groups of people - from Town Council members, to community stakeholders and university professionals - together to work through differences and make progress towards  common goals. The qualities Michele brings to her work including humility, persistence, collaboration and respect, I believe are  rare and critical in our political leaders especially during these challenging times. 

Mary Porcino

R4A Research & Education Core Team, Co-Founder Pioneer Valley Co-Housing,

District 1 Resident

Although I am not in Michele Miller's precinct, I am excited by the idea of her being one of our Town Councilors. I am so impressed by what Michele has accomplished in her work with Reparations for Amherst.  I am also grateful to her for her valuable role in trying to make a food co-op in Amherst a reality. I find Michele to be an excellent listener and problem solver, as well as a kind, sensitive and patient person. Michele asks thoughtful questions and carefully considers the many facets and voices of complex issues. I am so glad she is running for this seat!  

Amy Anaya

Amherst Resident

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